Anjuman Khairul Islam's

Poona College of Arts, Science and Commerce

Camp, Pune - 411 001 Maharashtra, INDIA.


  • Pursuit of Knowledge in the Service of Humanity.

College Mission

  • To serve as a light house amidst all shortcomings and setbacks by defying complacency, we endeavour:
  • To impart education to students belonging to all strata of society irrespective of caste, gender, colour, creed & religion.
  • To uplift the deprived and academically weak students by empowering them with knowledge.
  • To develop moral, ethical, social and aesthetic values amongst the students.
  • To help equip and develop essential qualities to face the challenges posed by the turbulent currents of change.
  • To inculcate respect for humanity and to fortify the ideals of perseverance, dedication, quality consciousness and excellence.
  • To prepare citizens who could grow to be competent and significant contributors for the betterment of mankind through their profession.